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Do you want to update your lighting, heating, filtration or tile?
Or perhaps the landscaping surrounding your pool just looks tired?

This may be a good time to update that old pool of yours. And we can do it for you.

Take a look at just a few of the updates you can do to your pool and surrounding landscape:

Colored Lights
Perhaps the most striking of the upgrades you can make to a pool, a colored light, such as a SAM light from Pentair Pool Products, allows for the pool to actually change colors continuously, or lets you select the color you find most appealing. The color wheel is built in the light, so there are no bulky add-ons in your pool, and the light requires no special switch to activate it. Your existing light switch will operate the lighting for your pool or spa. If you have multiple lights, they can be synchronized to provide that perfect look.

Pool And Spa Controls
At your fingertips…..that is where our moden controls put pool, spa and backyard functions. Imagine being able to operate your waterfall, spa, pool light, yard lighting and more from the comfort of your home. For example: with the push of one button, your spa can begin heating automatically, and keep you informed of its temperature so you don’t need to go outside until the spa is ready for you. A strong benefit of pool controls is that they typically won’t allow you to do something that may cause problems. They can rotate the pool/spa valves, never forgetting to return them for the following day’s filtration, run the pump after you turn off the heater allowing it to cool down properly which helps to increase the lifespan. Controls will also operate solar systems, with sensors to make sure that it is beneficial to operate them at that time. The possibilities are endless.

Fiber Optic Lighting
Fiber Optic lighting for a pool is typically an option installed at time of construction or major remodel. You can install lenses in the pool to light the pool, install perimeter lighting around the pool, and tie it together with landscape lights. If your pool is new or not yet ready for a remodel, we can offer suggestions on how you can use a truly awe-inspiring light medium. These landscape lights, wall sconces, and spot lighting all are easier to integrate into your pool than you may realize.


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