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Tropical Pools offers a unique opportunity to its customers. We offer "Do it yourself" pool service training.

With the cost of gas and rising costs of everything, we need to cut back where we can. Tropical Pools will teach you how to take care of your pools service yourself. Schedule a one time class held in your own back yard. We will teach you all the tricks of being a pool service person for a very reasonable price - as little as $200 for Elk Grove residents.

We will take photos of your equipment and keep them on fie. If you have questions call us we can help. We can offer assistance over the phone for far less then a service call. We can offer virtual service calls.


You save on monthly service expense.

You care for your own pool in as little as 15 minutes a week

You control the chemicals and when and how high or low to keep the levels at.

Minimize or eliminate calcium build up.

Get some exercise.

If you later choose to have someone else care for your pool, you will know how a pool should be cared for and can keep a better eye on the person that does care for it. How do you know your serviceperson is doing a good job if you do not know how the job should be done yourself?

We show you how to adjust your pools operation to get the best results. Good water circulation is the most important thing in keeping a pool clean.

Less is more – keep your pool water balanced and you can use a lot less chemicals than a typical serviceperson does.

We give you a service and maintenance plan to follow.

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